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For many patients at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, Arizona who have conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervain’s tendinitis, trigger finger or trigger thumb, surgery can often be performed the very same day as their consultation. This not only provides a very unique opportunity to engage in an efficient, consistent, and directed course of treatment -it also saves patients a tremendous amount of time. Whether you’re traveling across town, or across the Country, eliminating extra visits can be a welcome relief for most people.

Leading Edge Innovation

When Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice developed the EndoTech® system, he not only produced a more effective and safe way to perform surgery. Dr. Fitzmaurice also designed the most advanced technique available, utilizing the smallest opening possible. In fact, such a tiny incision results in a procedure that only requires local anesthesia. No extended recovery time. No fasting, pre-operative blood work or clearance necessary. This saves our patients time from having to schedule at a later date, and money from expensive lab and anesthesiologist fees.

A Better Experience

Our staff will plan your appointment in the afternoon, when there is generally surgical schedule availability. Dr. Fitzmaurice will evaluate your particular condition to determine if surgery is indicated. If so, we are able to perform all necessary diagnostic imaging such as xray or ultrasound right here at our office.

Next, you will be given a local anesthesia, and directed to a surgery area and have the procedure performed. It’s that easy! Our proven process provides patients with far greater comfort, convenience and relief -all while eliminating the need for expensive tests and additional anesthesia.

Same-Day Hand Surgery. Leading-Edge Technology.

Revolutionizing Care

At The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, we are committed to providing quality and efficient care. In the shadow of healthcare reform, many physicians are joining large groups and healthcare organizations, often requiring endless examinations, testing and office visits. We believe that this is one of the fundamental flaws in healthcare today, and one of the reasons why costs continue to escalate and treatments can get delayed by weeks or months. As a truly independent medical practice, we don’t answer to any financial committee, corporate office, or HMO. We specialize in providing efficient, state-of-the-art care at a price that’s affordable. Today.